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One-stop solution and total engineering

Osaka Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. (OGE) was established in February 1978, when engineering sector of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. became independent. Over the past 30 years since foundation, we have made steady progress, as a total engineering company for city gas and related business, taking over all technologies and know-how Daigas Group has developed and accumulated for many years

 As a total engineering company, OGE provides our customer at home and abroad with various technologies and solution in wide-spread sector, such as LNG facilities, city gas transmission facilities, synthetic gas making facilities, mapping software “Master Map” and integrated information system using Mater Map as a core, remote monitoring and shutdown system, earthquake damage prediction system, surveys and countermeasure works for contaminated soils, utilization of biogas, power generation facilities utilizing difference in gas pressure, desulfurization/ denitration system etc.

 From the perspective of customers, we will continuously make efforts to provide one-stop solution and total engineering, under the catch phrase “sharing a positive impression with customer” which is one of our management principles.

 If you need a good technology, please contact us. We will provide you with every consultancy to comply with your request.

Takeshi Yamawaki

Corporate Outline and Organization

Company name Osaka Gas Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Date of establishment 1st February, 1978
Address 2-4-9, Bingomachi Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0051, Japan
 Phone: +81-6-6220-1211
Capital One hundred million yen (Authorized capital is four hundred million yen)
Bank Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ
Directors and Auditor Takeshi Yamawaki, President
Masataka Masuda, Managing Director
Norio Hatanaka, Managing Director
Nobushige Goto, Director
Hiroaki Ueda, Director
Hiroyuki Imagawa, Director
Takashi Hamanaka, Director
Ryuichi Nishida, Director
Takehiko Edamitsu, Director
Makoto Makino, Auditor
No. of employees 140(as of 1st April, 2019)

License for construction business: License No.48859 issued
by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture
First class construction office: License No.8985 registered
with the office of the Governor of Osaka Prefecture
Environmental research body/Soil Contamination Prevention Act:
Designated No. E2003-5-1032 (Jan., 2003) by Environmental Agency
Civil engineering consultant: Registered No. Civil 24-7716
(Category: Steel Structure & Concrete, Dec., 2002) by
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Sewage treatment plant maintenance company: License No.01-534 by
Kinki Regional Development Bureau

Organization(1st January, 2019)