LNG Technologies

Compact type on-site hydrogen generator (Hyserve)

Compact type on-site hydrogen generator HYSERVE will lead the "hydrogen age" in the near future, feating compactness, low cost, no installment only, operational convenience, etc.

* HYSERVE is used for various industrial purposes.
 There are two HYSERVE models: 30m3/h and 100 m3/h. 300m3/h capacity generator is also under development.
* The reforming unit and the PSA unit are packaged into a single unit. This reduces generator installation space to approximately 50% that of a conventional unit.
* High-purity hydrogen can be generated on site using natural gas or LPG(propane gas) as feedstock.
* In comparison with our conventional reformers, a medium-pressure reformer utilizes city gas pressure reduces gas compression power requirements. Generator's standardized integral structural design reduces both fabrication and installation costs.