LNG Technologies

Compact type on-site hydrogen generator (Hyserve)

Compact type on-site hydrogen generator HYSERVE will lead the "hydrogen age" in the near future, feating compactness, low cost, no installment only, operational convenience, etc.

* HYSERVE is used for various industrial purposes.
 There are two HYSERVE models: 30m3/h and 100 m3/h. 300m3/h capacity generator is also under development.
* The reforming unit and the PSA unit are packaged into a single unit. This reduces generator installation space to approximately 50% that of a conventional unit.
* High-purity hydrogen can be generated on site using natural gas or LPG(propane gas) as feedstock.
* In comparison with our conventional reformers, a medium-pressure reformer utilizes city gas pressure reduces gas compression power requirements. Generator's standardized integral structural design reduces both fabrication and installation costs.

Fuel gas desulfurization, decyanidation and wastewater treatment system (FRC process)

FUMAKS (desulfurization process) and RHODACS (decyanidation process) for efficient removal of hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen cyanide from fuel gas, and COMPACS for combustion treatment of effluent containing solid sulfur or sulfur compounds discharged from such processes are still being improved. The FRC process is adopted for more than 50 plants, mainly in the steel industry in Japan, Korea and China